Weekend #266: The Day I Died A Little

Last weekend I went to We The Fest to see my favorite band, The 1975.

So this post is dedicated to them.

Well, uhm, I know there are FOUR of them and I love Adam & Ross as well, but the fact that George’s shoulders has recovered and he’s finally back behind his kit from his 3-month rest is just something I really want to celebrate.

It was my dream to see George and Matt on stage together because their twisted relationship is just so mesmerizing hohohohohoho….

So this one’s for George and Matt ❤ ❤ ❤


We The Fest was raining as fuck LOL.

I wish I could manage to go in the front row but life wasn’t on my side. So, yeah.


Feature: Leonardo DiCaprio

O my God I forgot to post this!

So when Leo won an oscar, I made a fan art because I’ve been a fan of his since Romeo & Juliet. I used to collect his pin-ups from teen magazines and exchange some doubles with my fellow Leo fans at school LOL!

To be honest, I think Leo deserves Oscars since What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. I don’t know why The Academy has been such a fool for not awarding him with any Oscars since his first nomination.


Leo’s speech, though! Right?!?!?! You go eat that, The Academy!

Anyway, lemme leave you with how Leonardo DiCaprio appears in my mind even until this day:

Leonardo DiCaprio will forever 21 in my mind. (No, not the clothing shop.)

*GIF source is from tumblr.

Weekend #148: Fantasy Talk

Friday, February 15th, 2013. Met my sisters @andhyne, @ryajuwita, and our friend @weddewi at 8 in the evening. Did a very pointless long fantasy talk until 3 in the morning. Really, REALLY enjoyed it. I wish the night was forever…

Our wild, messed-up discussion went more or less like this:


I just LOVE trash talk at night.

Grouphug, girlsssss!!!! ❤ 🙂


Drew more Tablo fanart again and I tweeted this again but Tablo hasn’t replied yet like he did for my earlier fanart T__T


Feature: Lydia Paek

Lydia Paek is originally a dancer for Quest Crew; they’re MTV’s ‘America’s Best Dance Crew’ Season 3 and have performed at American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance.

But Lydia is also a great singer.

This morning, Lydia tweets this:

Screen shot 2013-02-05 at 2.13.36 PM



Here’s a picture of her that I used for a reference. Not mine. Credits go to the owner. I found it on Google.


And here’s the illustration I did:


I have tweeted this illustration to her. Now can we cross our fingers together to make her choose my illustration to be on her video? Thanks for your support! Hehehehe…


UPDATE (28/02/2013):

Lydia has finally released the new cover video and my illustration apparently didn’t make it to be in it. BUT! To be honest, I seriously am not disappointed at all, because the illustration she chose was really wicked! Congrats to miya_daria on instagram for the “winning” illustration! You did great!!! Love it! ^_^


Weekend #146: EPIK HIGH

Being a fan of BIGBANG has kinda opened a door for me to know more about Korean musicians. They actually have richer music than the kind of bubblegum K-Pop most of us know!

I am recently listening to a trio called Epik High with frontman named Daniel Armand Lee (or best known as TABLO) who had lived in Canada for several years when he was young and had graduated from Stanford with master degree in English Literature and Creative Writing *,*

Mithra Jin, one of the rapper in the group was originally a poet and he did poetry readings in the past. *o ma gah!!!

While the DJ, Tukutz, used to play live events around Boston & New York City area.

Now you don’t have to wonder why their lyrics and music have officially stolen my only heart, that I am dedicating this week’s post to them 😀


From left to right: Mithra Jin (rapper), Tablo (rapper), Tukutz (DJ)

This is one of my favorite songs out of the first album I’ve heard of them:

Tablo has also released a solo album and the lyrics to this song have officially killed me:

Nowadays, Epik High has created music that is more lively than gloomy, though, but I still love it ❤ ❤



Screen shot 2013-02-03 at 11.45.29 PM

By the way, if you’re wondering:

I DO have 2 twitter accounts. Beside my primary @rarambol account, that @epikluna account is mine, too. I made it for just fangirling K-pop things. Ha! So I posted this drawing to twitpic via @epikluna account. My sister retweeted it. And then it’s late night already. I wrote on my twitter “Okay tomorrow is Monday, I gotta go to sleep. Anyeong!”

Lights out!

I pulled my blanket.

Then my phone vibrated. It’s my sister Rya. (She’s at my parents’s house, I’m at my boarding house).

Me: “Helloooo…..”


I was, like, whatthefuck???????????


Beep… beep… beep…

So I checked Twitter from my phone.

And there it was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And here I am not going to sleep like I promised myself, and updating this blog instead!!


Weekend #143: We Hate This Love Song

My sisters and I did a cover to BIGBANG’s “Love Song” this weekend.

I practically did almost everything on the recording — except singing HAHAHAHAHAHAH.

We didn’t do it in the studio, of course — (we did it in our bedroom with iPod & GarageBand), but I thought it would be fun to twist the real situation in drawing. We were pretending like recording artists, anyway. Gahahaha…


We aren’t musicians, so of course we screwed up. But honestly I’m pretty much proud of what we did, so I’ll put our final result here. (Yay!)

This is the original version, if you happen to be curious (it’s a one-shot video it’s so cool!):

Weekend #139: P… P… P… Put Your Mask On!

Remember the time I declared my addiction to BIGBANG?

Last Saturday I went to 2PM‘s concert — they’re another Kpop male group — with my sisters and a friend who are also big fans of BIGBANG’s. (They’re in fact the ones who got me into BIGBANG from the first place! Gah..)

Not that we like 2PM. The only song of theirs that we knew were probably just “Again and Again” and “(P… P… P… Put Your) Hands Up“. So we basically went there as posers. LOL!

But we got free tickets and nothing to do on the weekend, so why not go to Ancol and hell put our ‘Hottest’* mask on and pretend that we’re no ‘VIPs’** GAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

So here we are standing on the tribune’s chair, enjoying 2PM’s awesome lighting show :p


So, what do I think about the concert?

Read on my Posterous blog here! 🙂

Thank you so much to my sisters Ria & Kak Dina, along with our friend Dewi for the superblast I had last Saturday!

Let our next concert-attending be YG Family!!!!!! (Or BIGBANG, but that’s kind of wishful thinking — since they just got here last October that Dewi and I missed it, d’oh????)

Love you all girllsss! ❤ 🙂

Screen shot 2012-12-09 at 7.17.53 PM

*) ‘Hottest’ is what 2PM calls their fans.
**) ‘VIP’ is what BIGBANG calls their fans.

Weekend #136: Happy Letters

I was thinking “Man, I got a lot of drawing to do this weekend” for the past week. Because I’ve actually just experienced the strangest, full-booked week last week.

But I’m a lazy-ass y’know that. So I decided to just choose one particular theme that stands out the most during that fun, weird, what-the-hell week I had :p



On my “Connect” tab on Twitter, I found out that Jason Reeves — Yes, THEE Jason Reeves I been talking about on this blog — IS FOLLOWING ME BACK! And I didn’t even ask him to!! Coolness and beyond.

His duet-friend Nelly Joy also follows me. I feel like an influential person already! HAHAHAHAHAH!!

And then my friend tweeted me to ask whether I want a free Neil Gaiman’s book “Smoke and Mirrors” (she was cleaning up her closet and found her old book collection). OMG OF COURSE! D’OHHH?!!!

And last, but certainly not the least, I got an invitation coming into my inbox — the one I’ve been hoping I’d get! It felt surreal that I really got that invitation!! I can’t tell you yet what invitation it is, because I don’t wanna brag about it. I might tell you later in the future hah! But this invitation is really making me superfantastically happy!!! My hands were trembling reading that e-mail! Yay yay yay!

Hopefully there’s other good news following these ones I already got hehehehe…

Have a happy day, y’all! 🙂

Weekend #135: November 11th

It’s not officially Incubus day, but they got a song called “A Kiss To Send Us Off” with lyrics like this:

Meet me here,
on November 11th,
come alone.
Bring your mouth
and selective irreverence
We’ll both see stars,

So, from Saturday November 10th, I’ve been listening to Incubus and watching Incubus live shows on my computer to celebrate that song. LOL!
(No, I actually don’t need any reason to listen to and/or watch Incubus because they’re my favorite band, so I basically always listen to and/or watch them everytime anyway. Hah!)

Anyway, this week’s drawing is inspired by that song particularly.

Oh and I just bought their “HQ Live Special Edition” and I enjoyed reading Brandon‘s forewords on the sleeve that for once I was planning to draw the band holding a radio station hostage with water guns (and me as the radio announcer, tied on seat) just like what he wrote there. Must’ve been so fun!

But I’m not in the mood to draw complicated things. Maybe later. Ha!

By the way, on 2006 when the album “Light Grenades” came out (in which the song “A Kiss To Send Us Off” is included), Brandon drew this for the album illustration:

Pretty much kewler than mine, of course.